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Nicholson bench,vise and side boards

With the base and check glued up I was ready to make the vise guide tube. Using the drawing I had made on the face of the check I made up the tube with the nuts attached. I designed it so the nuts acted as guides for the planing stops and the top board gave me the right distance down from the bench top. I drilled pilot holes in the nuts and top board so I could attach them to the side boards and the top.Now that I have the vise parts and planing stops ready I cut 1/4 inch deep dadoes in the side boards for the legs to fit in. I did this to keep the bench from racking.

Nicholson Bench, cutting up lumber

I measured my van and I had length enough for an 88 inch long bench so I cut four 88 inch lengths from my planks, two for the top and two for the side boards. The balance was cut up to make legs, stretchers, and cross bearers. I have a mortiser and a tenoner so I made 2 inch by 1/2 inch tenons on my stretchers. The leg to stretcher joints could just as well be half laps, the notches in the legs created during glue up.

Nicholson Bench, decision time

I am planning to build a workbench so I created a list of features I wanted. I needed a bench that was portable and fit in my van to take to demonstrations. I wanted it to be an inexpensive example of a workbench for people getting into woodworking without a large outlay of cash. I wanted a bench that could be easily switched from right handed to left handed use. I wanted to build my own wooden vises. It needed to be stout.

Old Nobles Brace

In a Project Gutenberg book, Woodworking Tools 1600–1900. I found a plate #44 with an illustration of a brace, this is the authors note on that brace " *The complete break with the medieval, however, is seen in a drawing submitted to the Commissioner of Patents in 1865 (pat. 51,660) by Milton V. Nobles of Rochester, New York. Nobles' creation was of thoroughly modern design and appearance in which, unlike earlier types, the bit was held in place by a solid socket, split sleeve, and a tightening ring (fig.

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