Nageltreffen and the HTO at WIA 2012

I would like to thank my friends Dean Jansa, Emily Bonham, Bob Rozaieski, Tom Howard, Steve Schwabacher and Nick Stahlman for all the work you do in the booth to make this happen. I would like to thank Popular woodworking for gathering up the prizes and giving us booth space and I would like to thank the vendors who donated prizes, Bad Axe Tool Works, Lee Valley, Rob Cosman and Ron Herman. It was a fun weekend!

Everyone that participated in Nageltreffen and the HTO is a winner. Those that received prizes are,

Overall: Paul Kramer (Pass to next years WIA)

Ripping: Matthew Foster-1st place (vintage rip saw from Ron Herman) Jim Vitale- raffle (gent's saw from Lee Valley)

Cross cutting: Mac Bailes-1st place (vintage crosscut saw from Ron Herman) Alex Demkovich- raffle

Planing: Corey Megal-1st place (jointer plane from Lee Valley) Ken Royal-raffle (jonter plane from Lee Valley)

Tenon: Mathew Foster-1st place (Bad Axe Tenon Saw) Wayne Carter-raffle (Bad Axe tenon Saw)

Boring: Ryan Sather-1st place (vintage brace from Ron Herman) Larry Smith-raffle (vintage brace from Ron Herman)

Dovetailing: Scott Brown-1st place (Rob Cosman dovetail saw) Clark Schoonover-raffle (Lie Nielsen dovetail saw)

Here are some photos of the action in the HTO and SAPFM booth