In working on my goal to make entry level woodworking simple and accesible I am pondering the inexpensive workbench again. I am giving a demonstration on workbenches for the Minnesota Woodworkers Guild here at my shop. We are making a Nicholson bench at this meeting and giving it away at the guilds HTO in January. The entire bench will cost less than $100 and can be built in a day or two with handtools. I have decided to eliminate any vises attached to the bench and work with 2 holdfasts, a crochet and a double screw vise like Moxon or Holme show in their writings. One of the issues with a vise and a crochet is that they can get in the way when using fenced planes. I usually just open the vise way up so the fence can pass through, but the crochet is a bit harder to get out of the way. I was giving some thought to this when my friend Rob started asking questions(Rob is good at asking questions). He got me thinking about hardware and I decided to try a bed rail bracket to hold the crochet in place. I ordered some bed rail brackets from HDL in St. Cloud, MN. They are a wholesaler but you can get them from Rockler or Woodcraft. They come in sets of 4 and you only need one set. Now I just whack the crochet with a mallet, it comes free, and I can plane through with my fenced planes.