Naked Woodworker, saw filing, Great International Gathering

Saturday 3 more people were released into the world after acquiring the skill of handsaw sharpening. Learning to sharpen is one of the chief skills a woodworker needs to succeed. Next weekend I will host what I ostentatiously named, „The Great International Gathering and Congress of Green Woodworkers“. A fun weekend get together for woodworking and camping and ale quaffing. I hope you can make it!

The Naked Woodworker DVD seems to be doing well out in the world with several good reviews. I hope that it helps people get started into woodworking. Here are some of the sites that reviewed „The Naked Woodworker“.

„If you are a new woodworker, just getting started, buy this DVD before you do anything else. If you follow along with Mike’s teachings in this video, you could have a basic tool kit, a sturdy place to work, and be on your way to building furniture in no more than a week or two.“…he-beginner/

Jeff Branch liked it, „I Like ‘The Naked Woodworker’“…-woodworker/

as did The Slightly Confused Woodworker, " I, for one, am glad I purchased it. "…-woodworker/

also the Accidental Woodworker, „Mike does an awesome job of putting out the required information.“…dworker.html „Mike has a good sense of humor and he can convey what he knows in an easy to understand manner. I think that even if you had zero interest in woodworking you would like both of these DVDs. Mike is just one of those guys whose personality and humor shines through. The Lost Art Press hit a homer with this first production.“…d-naked.html

and the Wood Nerd, „Just shy of my 44th birthday, I’ve decided to dive into hand tool woodworking with prejudice. You are never to old to start right. I certainly hope so. I blame Christopher Schwarz at Lost Art Press. Or more specifically, the publication of The Naked Woodworker with Mike Siemsen. I have always viewed woodwoorking as a ridiculously complicated and expensive hobby but thanks to Mike and Chris, I now know that it doesn’t have to be.“…onger-naked/…-a-sawhorse/